How to Remove Stickers from Windshield


Whether it’s a parking or inspection decal, city sticker, stick figures, a souvenir from your fun road tip, or a discount sticker for your favorite fast food joints and drive-thrus, you need to understand and come to terms with the fact that these stickers were designed to last for a very long time.

The adhesives used are strong, daunting to remove and require a liquid remover that will weaken the bond for it to be removed. However, you have nothing to worry about because in this article we’ll outline plenty of sure-fire ways on how to remove stickers from your windshield without damaging the glass.

Why Bumper Sticker Lost Their Appeal

If you’ve ever applied, and later tried to get rid of bumper stickers, you’d understand why they lost their popularity. It’s rather funny though, these stickers and vinyl decals adhere like they’re going to last forever when in reality they become tired looking and old, campaigns end, people’s passions change, and future owners probably won’t share similar interests. And when the time for change came, getting rid of a bumper sticker often meant scratching or removing a layer of paint underneath too.

What You Will Need:

1. Adhesive remover (make your pick):

  • Goo Gone
  • Windex
  • Acetone
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • WD-40
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2. Lacquer thinner

3. Razor blades, plastic scrapers, or an old credit card.

Top 6 Methods You Can Use to remove stickers and decals from windshield

1. Window Cleaner

How to Remove Stickers from Windshield

This method is the safest method to remove a sticker from the windshield. All you have to do is spray some generic window cleaner, or a similar windshield cleaning solution on the sticker and let it soak for a couple of minutes.

Inspect the sticker to see if it appears to go soft on the outside or if it begins to skid and slide away when you touch it. If so, use a blunt razor blade or scraper to gently carve the sticker out without damaging the windshield. Keep repeating the process until the sticker and residual adhesive is fully removed.

2. Rubbing Alcohol (Denatured)

How to Remove Stickers from Windshield

If you are having a difficult time getting the sticker off using the method above, the next best option is to apply isopropyl or rubbing alcohol on the sticker. These fluids contain a chemical compound that will make the sticker come off in a jiffy without any hassle.

To start, take some dry paper towel and soak them with rubbing alcohol. Dab the sticker and leave it to dry for a few minutes. You will notice the sticker starts to get all wrinkled and soft, this is your cue to use a razor blade to peel off the sticker, or an old bank card, for extra precision. After the sticker is off of the windshield, use some fresh paper towel, soak it in the rubbing alcohol and give the spot a thorough wipe to remove any remaining adhesive on the glass.

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3. Adhesive Remover

How to Remove Stickers from Windshield

The only thing holding a sticker is place is the adhesive between it and the windshield – and maybe your decision to leave it there. So basically, you want a product that specially formulated to soften the adhesive for easy removal, some of the well-known brands include Goo Gone, AutoGlym, and De Soly It. Though they all work as expected, Goo Gone, however, works on a broader product range than most.

With an adhesive remover, you simply spray the product onto the sticker, wait a couple of minutes for the magic to happen, and then peel away the sticker while giggling at how easy it turned out to be (optional).

This is a much-preferred option for you if the thought of taking a blade to your car’s windshield is intimidating or you are working on the inside of the glass with defrost wires. Bear in mind that instead of scraping away the sticker, you are dissolving the adhesive which could become a sticky mess.

4. WD-40

How to Remove Stickers from Windshield

The best friend of many a technician, mechanic, and engineer, WD-40 is a famous anti-rust, toxic chemical that has a whole lot of applications. It is primarily used as a lubricant, but it’s also a water disperser and degreaser. The first time I saw it work on a rusted nut, I was convinced that Merlin must have invented WD-40 from Dragon saliva – I might be wrong though. The first step is to remove as much of the sticker as you can with a razor blade. Then, spray the sticker and let it soak in. Give it some time, then wipe it all away with an old cloth – it is that simple!

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5. Ice

Icing the sticker is another effective way to remove it from the windshield. How this works is quite simple, when you place an ice pack on the sticker for around 5 to 6 minutes, it will freeze the adhesive, causing it to lose its grip on your window. When the adhesive is weakened you can just chip it off with a sharp razor blade or plastic bank or ID card.

6. Baking Soda

How to Remove Stickers from Windshield

Baking soda and cooking oil work wonders on sticker and decal. Unlike WD-40, baking soda is completely harmless, safe for the environment, and has a plethora of applications. Other than the icing method above, baking soda is a budget-friendly way to remove stickers as well as numerous use as a cleaning agent. Add some baking powder to a half a cup of cooking oil. Mix the solution and dab the sticker with it. After a few minutes, peel the sticker off from the edges with your finger, plastic card, or razor.

Some precaution

Never apply baking soda on the inside of auto glass if the window has been tinted as it will likely damage the tint. Using razor blades to remove stickers on the outside of your windshield is all fine and good as long as you hold it at an angle to the windshield so it doesn’t scratch the glass, but if the sticker is on the inside of the rear windshield you could end up damaging the wires on the defroster that helps prevent the window from fogging up. In this case, a plastic card is the best way to go.

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That being said, do not use a razor blade on any other part of the car that’s not made of glass, as you could damage the paint and bodywork. If in doubt, then the clean edge of a plastic card, or ice scraper should work too.

Except for the icing method above, we strongly recommend that you wear appropriate protective gear for both hands and eyes as well as making sure you have enough ventilation.

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